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Advisory Committee Members

Member Appointment Type Appointed By Appointment Date Appointment Expires
Barbara de Vries CLPF Governor 01/06/2015 01/01/2019
Aileen Federizo CLPF Governor 01/06/2015 01/01/2019
Kathleen Thomson Probate Court Investigator Governor 01/06/2015 01/01/2019
Jenny Chacon Public Member Senate Rules Committee 01/07/2015 01/01/2019
Hang Le To Public Member Speaker of the Assembly 05/09/2015 01/01/2019
King Gee Nonprofit organization advocating on behalf of the elderly Governor 09/29/2015 01/01/2019
Dawn Akel CLPF Governor 11/23/2015 01/01/2019

As of December 7, 2015